I write this from Ealing. The humans at least have safely returned although WUA 605 will be sitting in its container in the docks until a week  tomorrow when it will board a ship home. Unlike on the way out the container will be trans-shipped i.e. it will not come all the way on one ship. Fingers crossed it makes it home safely all the way to Blighty.

The second leg of our flight from Dubai to Gatwick was fairly uneventful and comfortable. We both felt obliged to try the shower in flight as a one-off experience and very good it was too. So we landed on time feeling fresh and well and got home by 2pm. I worked out that taking account of the waiting at the airports etc we were on the journey for 29 hours. In that time we covered 11000 miles and a bit!

The Australia trip exceeded all expectations. In the past when we have made the overseas trips with the Bristol Owners Club there have been at least 10 cars and often more. So we wondered whether we would get on as well with a lesser number here. We need not have worried. It helped that we knew lots of people in Oz and met them and stayed with some, which was great allowing us to catch up. Also meeting up with the Aussie BOC and another 30 odd cars and 70 people for the last 10 days was perfect. The car as ever was the star and all along the way we met friendly welcoming people. We had not bad experiences at all.

Some what I would describe as misconceptions about Australia include the following

Australia is a “brown” hot country like a desert – despite the drought we found it lush and green in many places with numerous beautiful views

The people are brash and perhaps can be a bit arrogant and don’t like the Poms  – not so. They could not have been friendlier or more welcoming.

Culture – We found all the cities to be impressively clean and well run with impressive museums all round. The war museum in Canberra is truly wonderful and of course the Sydney Opera House is iconic. There is no lack of culture here.

Our favourite place was Tasmania though we liked everywhere. We were lucky with the weather and saw very little rain.

The last word has to go to the car. What a marvellous piece of British engineering. At 63 years old it covered c3600 miles often at speeds of almost 70 mph or otherwise up and down hills. There were minor issues as reported but nothing which could not be fixed immediately even by me. The ride remains very comfortable even if the steering sometimes gives me a workout. If only the 63 year old owner was as fit and good looking!!

Thanks to Manuel and his brother in law for setting up the blog site and helping me deal with a couple of issues including the unpleasant person who posted some rubbish in an attempt to extract money.  Thanks finally to you for reading my epistles which I have enjoyed writing along with your comments.

On to the next trip!!


His honour Judge Hughes aka Pommie Pete aka Hotwire Hughes aka Pedro from Ealing