WUA 605’s adventure is almost over. We have had 6 weeks of great motoring and all good things come to an end. In reality we are all ready to head home now – they say the secret is to leave a place wanting more and that is how we feel.
The first task today is to take the car to the shipping agent at the docks in Brisbane. We are told that we have to leave as little fuel as possible in the car when it goes into the container. The problem with that is that the fuel gauge is highly inaccurate and indeed the needle wavers crazily a lot of the time. Add to that the fact that the odometer has packed up so I have no specific idea of mileage covered.
Anyway this morning the tank was showing empty and we were about 25 miles from gas. The Bristol however has a reserve supply. This works by having 2 feed pipes coming out of the fuel tank. The first stops about an inch higher than the other which reaches the bottom of the tank. As we drove down the road the car started mis-firing due to lack of fuel so with great trepidation I flicked over to reserve hoping that it would work. I should explain that it is not my policy to run low (to avoid getting gunge in the fuel filter) so I had not used the reserve for at least 5 years. Hooray – it worked and on we went.
Geoffrey and Hilary were following us to ensure we would be rescued in the event of no fuel and along with the others we trooped off to the docks after dropping our flight luggage at the house of Bronwyn who came on the Noosa part of the trip and lives in Brisbane. The majority of our luggage will travel home in the car boot. The 3 containers were ready for us and the 6 cars were loaded with great efficiency. Batteries had to be disconnected for the journey – so cars had to be pushed in. the containers are not much wider than the cars and it was a real squeeze to get out especially after 6 weeks of eating and drinking far too much!. The containers were closed with very solid steel seals and we waved goodbye to WUA605 and the other cars. They have been incredible as ever for 63 year old cars. They have got us round with few problems and nothing we could not fix easily. We have been up and down some steep and very twisty roads, on motorways (as little as possible) and all other types of roads at all different speeds and in most conditions. We have met friends all along the way.
We said goodbye to some of the drivers (Chris and Turps and family) and taxi’d back to Bronwen’s for a tasty cold lunch and then a long walk to prepare us for the flight. The Emirates car picked us up on schedule at 6 and (despite a quick return to pick up my phone which I had left on the table) we got to the airport and checked in. At the same time the entire Australia cricket team squad arrived to fly to London on the same flights as us. They all looked so young and fit and Fran initially refused to believe it was them as they were not “big enough”! Anyway they were in the lounge and I had a quick chat with Steve Smith who was charming.
As I write this we are in Dubai airport waiting for our connection. We only have about 1.5 hours in total to wait so that is good. The flight with Emirates was amazing. As a special treat for my retirement, as there was a great deal available and so that we would not get home wrecked, I booked us into first class for the return and it was well worth it. In the A380 they have individual cubicles for each seat as well as 2 showers and a mini bar at your seat. Best of all there is masses of room to sleep on their flat bed and we both got about 8 hours and are feeling good.
There will be at least one more to reflect on the entire trip but thanks for those of you who have followed and left comments (especially Trish and Martin) and emailed your support. It has been a good discipline and I have enjoyed it despite sometimes having limited time and worse still terrible internet connections some of the time.

Pommie Pete