Today we had to leave Noosa for the next stop on our trip. The sun was out again and the hood was down all day.

We have certainly enjoyed our time here – it is unusual for us UK Bristol tourers to stay in the same place for a week and we have enjoyed the variety. It was great to be able to get some exercise in the pool and also have a large apartment with a lounge and full washing facilities.
We drove basically south once again through the hinterland, enjoying the lush green vegetation and spectacular scenery, including views of the sea. As in the UK this is an extended weekend as Monday is labour day holiday and so there is more traffic on the more main roads. One of the beauties of an open top car is that you hear the birds singing. En route we heard the unique Bellbirds – these are named after their song which is loud and sounds like the purest bell you will ever hear. An absolute joy. Do have a listen on You-tube. How can such a small creature make such a pure and beautiful sound.
Heading down towards Brisbane we passed a Rodeo but unfortunately did not have time to stop and watch. We also noted with interest from signs, advertising that in 2 weeks time there is a “million paws walk” organised by the RSPCA in Australia when thousands of people will walk with their pooches to raise funds for the poor and needy animals of Oz. A worthy cause I am sure.
After lunch we had to drive through Brisbane and we were l ucky with all the lights and managed to fly through (unlike some of our fellow travellers) and head on to our destination the wonderfully named Mount Tambourine. This is at about 600 metres , so is not much of a mountain, but when we arrived at our motel the temperature had dropped considerably from the Noosa levels. We had to go ferreting around in the suitcases to find jumpers. We are in the Tall Trees Motel so you can guess the surroundings!
Most of the party are in a Hotel about a mile up the road called the Manor and we had to go there for dinner. They have a concept here in Oz of the “alternate dinner” which they use where there are large groups to feed and the diners are looking to save money I suppose. Essentially there is no choice of meal. The staff bring out usually 2 (or sometimes 3) options each course and simply plonk one in front of you and you cannot refuse. It is pot luck whether you get what you want unless you have pre-warned of an allergy. If you don’t like what you get then you have to try to negotiate a swap with someone else on your table. This evening we had for main course steak or fish! Starter was pate or Arancini and the pudding was an enormous chocolate cake or cheesecake. So we were pretty full by the end.
All in all a good driving day

Pommie Pete