Today was our final day in Noosa. We had no organised drives or outings and the forecast was pretty dire. One of the local highlights is the market at Eumundi. So we set off optimistically with the car roof down and arrived shortly before the rain. In spite of the weather the market was packed and I had to blag my way into one of the car parks which was showing the “full” sign.
Not being a great market or even shopping fan I have to admit that it was a good experience despite the heavy rain which meant dodging from canopy to canopy. It was a good size market with plenty of local produce on sale including Didgeridoos.

We ended up buying a few souvenirs (not a Didgeridoo nor even a boomerang); one of the sellers turned out to be from Wales. He specialised in making pictures containing ornate script sometimes almost in miniature. Hard to describe, but very interesting and quite unique. There was also a superb Ukulele hanging up at a stall (see the feature picture), but the maker was not at his stall today due to the bad weather and I could not make him an offer.
The roof on the Bristol is a little less than waterproof. However we did manage to gwt back to the hotel reasonably dry but it was a relief to put the car under cover and head back to the room. Since we move on tomorrow and have an early meet for dinner, we spent the afternoon at the apartment watching the torrential rain. It was quite enjoyable swimming in the rain and the view from the balcony was still pretty good as you can see.
In the evening, we had the end of trip dinner. This included various speeches and an auction of car related articles to raise money. I had written a song for the trip (to be sung to the tune of Waltzing Matilda) called Bristols to Noosa. As recorded before in this blog, I was a bit apprehensive about performing the song, due to the presence of a real professional musician in our group, Fiona Joy Hawkins. However we had printed 50 copies of the words and the party leaders were encouraging and there was a good quality mic. After everyone had eaten and drunk copiously I dug out the Uke and sang. The entire room joined in – it was great to hear about 70 Aussies and a dozen from the UK all singing along. It seemed a great hit and they insisted that we should sing it again later. Noosa tourist board gave a grant of $1000 towards the trip and they are being sent the video of the singing to show how well their money was spent – enough said!!

There is below also a picture from the previous day with 3 of the cars with the Bristol Beaufort in restoration.


Pommie Pete