Te feature photo today is actually from yesterday with some cars in from of the Bristol Beaufort aircraft.

There is in Noosa a well-known hill climb up which cars race every so often. It has to be closed for such races but bikes and motor-bikes run up and down it on an every day basis. So it was arranged that all the Bristols would drive up the hill climb, with the benefit of a police escort in the interests of safety. We all lined up and the bottom and then set off behind the Police vehicle at quite a sedate pace. Normally cars on the hill climb will be started at intervals thus preventing any bunching but we were ordered to leave one after another. As a result we found ourselves stuck behind a much slower car, but it was fun anyway. In spite of the official presence we still found ourselves the target of some vehement abuse from a dog walker on the road.

After the climb we drove to Yandina where there is a ginger factory. This was another really fun road to drive out in the country especially as the car in front and we lost the cars in front at a long red light for road works and were able to really open up in order to catch up. We started off with morning tea and a scone with ginger jam and then had a tour of the factory. We learned that they but the ginger at a relatively young age (6 months)  before it forms a skin and gets more fibrous and when the taste is less strong.

The whole years requirements are harvested and stored in cool water with no need for refrigeration. Then the ginger is cut up and soaked in water and then syrup. After a tine the liquid is drained off and the mixture is the basis of all the ginger products made by Bunderim Ginger. The business started 75 years ago as a small growers co-operative and is now one fo the largest suppliers of ginger products in the world and much is exported to the UK. We got to taste some of their products at the end of the tour including ginger beer and ginger cordial as well as chutney and other delights. We ended up buying a “bargain bag” of different products  including crystallised ginger. This will travel home in the Bristol and hopefully be fine.

We had a leisurely drive back via the marina and Rob’s house and then I had to sort out another issue with the car, which is that the door would not close because the hinges had dropped (the door is very large and heavy). Luckily I was able to resolve the issue for now anyway  so I wont have to keep jumping in over the top (fine with the roof down but not if it is raining as is forecast for tomorrow.

There was an excellent bar-b-que in the evening with all food and drink provided. Luckily we did not have to go anywhere as the heavens opened early in the evening. A good relaxing day with some fun driving.

Pommie Pete