Today we explored the area to the South of Noosa. First stop (for coffee) was the Mountain View  Café which forms part of the Mary Cairncross reserve, which overlooks the Glass House Mountains. The drive up to the café was green and undulating,  with great views over the national park.

On 17th May 1770 after rounding Cape Moreton, Lieutenant James Cook noted in his journal that there are 3 hills inland that would provide a landmark for future exploration of Moreton Bay. He also records that “these hills are very remarkable on account of their singular form of elevation which very much resemble glass houses which occasioned me giving them that name”.

Cook’s reference was to the glass making kilns in his native Yorkshire that were known as the English glasshouses. We admired the view of these mountains and I thought about the fact that Captain Cook looked at just the same as us all those years ago.


After lunch we all trooped off to the Caboolture Warplane museum run bby volunteers where they are slowly restoring a Bristol Beaufort plane, which was one of about 700 built during WW2 here in Australia under licence. The planes were built exclusively by women and at the height they produced 1 a week. The restoration project has gone on for many years already and the idea is to make it airworthy when it will be the only one. It is a major exercise and we enjoyed chatting to the guys involved.

After a drive home of over an hour we finished off another good day with drinks in the apartment and dinner in Noosa Hastings Street  with some of our fellow travellers bot Aussie and English.

pommie Pete