Today we awoke to the sound of the highly coloured parrots in the tree right by our room (see pic).

Today we had a tour of the North. Those who live here say that Noosa is the home of the roundabout. We brits turn our noses up and say that actually we have plenty of our own. However today we discovered that we have nothing on Noosa, where there seem to be roundabouts about every 100 yards!
Since there are so many cars we have been split into 3 groups each with a colour coding and each with a leader who lives here or hereabouts. We have our briefing at the early hour of 830 and then set off with 10 minute intervals between each group. The organisers have gone to huge trouble and we have all been issued with a superb colour brochure detailing each day and the routes to be followed down to the last detail (roundabout by roundabout). We drive in convoy and each driver has to ensure that he does not lose the one behind, but if you do (say at lights) you just follow the instructions in the book. This all comes as quite a shock to the UK drivers who are used to having to work it all out for themselves!!
We drove through some verdant countryside in the hinterland and stopped for tea at the Black Ant Gourmet. This is in the quaint town of Kin Kin which sounds a bit oriental but is far from it. They serve us with huge trays of cakes with our coffee and it is only 10 am not more than 2 hours after breakfast. We manfully (and womanfully) did justice to the sticky date pudding, brownies and carrot cake etc. There was a rather cute family of ducklings who seemed unperturbed by the influx of humans.
We then drove on to The Hell Town Hot Rods Café. This was again pretty much in the middle of nowhere and is hard to describe. It was a mixture of old vehicles, music related memorabilia and other old junk! They had some great items such as the statue of the icon Mick Jagger. I can only let you make your own mind up from the photos. A second bunch follow this post. It was good fun and the lunch was pretty good too. After a leisurely lunch we made our way back through the local villages. The engine started to mis-behave and run on 5 (or less) cylinders so I had to get back to change the spark plugs which seems to have cured the problem.
After a swim we all met up for drinks and nibbles and Fiona Joy Hawkins played the piano to entertain us. Fiona is a successful concert pianist and writes and performs all her own music and has played more several times in the Carnegie Hall. I refrained from offering to accompany her on my Ukulele. We dined in the local Thai restaurant which is BYO which is ideal.

Pommie Pete