The stay here in Noosa is mainly about taking various drives out and about with the cars to enjoy what we are told is the beautiful scenery and fun roads. However today we have to display all the cars in Noosa Woods for the locals to admire, along with the Noosa classic car club.
Unfortunately for me, this means getting up very early (7am) to clean and polish the car which is definitely showing the signs of wear and tear which you would associate with having driven over 2800 miles over the past 4 weeks. However I manage to finish this process early enough to take a swim in one of the 4 pools (being a whimp I chose the heated pool which is a pleasant temperature).
There are about 90 people in our group and we caused considerable disruption to the other guests when all gathered in the hotel reception for a 9.30 briefing. The idea was that we would drive the cars out in age order (oldest first) and then they would be lined up in that order. Luckily it worked reasonably well and we got them all in place by about 1030. It was not easy to photograph the cars as a group as there were so many but apparently we had a drone which took some aerial photos, which hopefully we shall see.
Anyway Noosa is one of Queensland’s best known and highly regarded beach resorts and has lovely sandy beaches and bays as well as a reliably hot and sunny climate. Guess what – with the car hood down and all cars on display, it started to rain and continued off and on for most of the morning. Still we enjoyed walking along the beach and Hastings Street which is a recent winner of Australia’s Best Main Street by Wotif voters (you may know who they are – I have no idea). The street does have a good feel with lots of good coffee shops and bars as well as good quality clothing stores. After dispersing from the car “show” we took a drive as recommended to the Laguna Lookout and saw a lot of cloud!
In the evening we had a group dinner at the River Deck restaurant overlooking (obviously) the river and were treated to some interesting entertainment. There was a singer who must have been 80 plus singing old numbers by artists as Frank Sinatra and he was actually very good (if you like that sort of thing as many did). Then we had a special appearance by the “Andrews Sisters” (see photos) who sang boogy woogy and some melodic and harmonic swing and were very entertaining. We also got to know some of the Australian contingent better and we are hoping for some fine weather tomorrow for the first drive.

Pommie Pete